Just as the sun shines through my window I hear a voice of gold, smoothly calling my name as if the owner were the sun itself. I feel the bite of my love for you curl my stomach and for a while I may even stop thinking.
The skin that you so naively possess is made of creamy ocean breezes that evoke thoughts that the world would be nothing without you. Your voice is that of the tropics so exotic and melodic every time you speak. That aniseed mouth of yours is so perfect and soft.
I was searching for you before I even knew it myself, but the seas sought you out and now I’m not prepared to let you go back out with the tide. Did I ever tell you I would crumble like the pantheon if you left? I’m sorry to say I would not be rational.
But while I wait for that day with fierce eyes half closed, I know that my love will lead the blind world by example. You are the hottest fire that makes me persist and I am the highest flame reaching to your soul. Perhaps too forceful at times but you need a push in the right direction.
You take the lead and I’ll always follow your footsteps. It’s the inevitable road of discovery of which we can travel free. I will float over strawberry sweet clouds with you as my companion and I’ll never be without you because you’re one memory that would never die.
Melancholic music resonates around these four walls. You rescued me when I was dying, watered me when I was wilting and comforted me as I slept. So move your heavy legs and wrap me up and I’ll talk to you in my voice of silver.

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