We went to that place where the silence stung our eyes
Sticks and stones. Holding their own against broken words.
Touched and made. Lying in reprieve.
An eventuality to halt and relieve.

Sumptuous moments there beyond affection and bitterness
Electric and statism. Beating in a stained room of fullness.
Just a glance. Looking without seeing.
Feeling. We are still one being.

Cotton and stitch transfer emotion between two hearts
Excuses to touch and claim adoration amongst curious crowds.
Tears will drop. Slowly but persistent
Unfaltering. But you're resistant.


You have exhausted my waters
Your thirst for me
left me dry. You
took away every last drop
and now I cannot help myself.

Little love. You gave me great.


In the dark times
I breathe in so deeply that I feel I am taking in
the ocean
and its tides.
The empty waters swarm my lungs and cling to breath that
is now suffocated
You have taken my fundamental being away from me.