We built our foundations on quicksand; slowly we sank, but with determination to hold onto any solid form around us.
We attempted the ascent out of the weighted deluge that had fallen onto our heads and shattered our protecting beliefs. I loved you fully, a pedibus usque ad caput, a capite ad calcem. That love was a brittle creation that we'd nourished with fervour but I polished and tried to restore with manic enthusiasm and this only made those fractures more delicate and fragile.
I cemented our feet in blocks side by side but now we know that cement is no match for a disturbance deep inside. You held onto great rage and my pleas were but muffled cries in cement torn apart by tears and regret.


  1. head to foot & foot to head...and even cement could not hold together all that is fragile...nice write...

  2. It's so poignant. Thank you for sharing your gift!

  3. You do have a gift. I wish he had let go of that great rage..

  4. Menina:

    Thanks for coming by the meanderings and leaving a comment. I like the way you date your posts.

    Shall come by again.

    Joy always,

  5. A disturbance deep inside can break the toughest concrete... because disturbance is fluid... and concrete is porous... and we always judge things by their appearances... and not by the true essence of what they are. Menina, your writings probe the human element in a raw and probing manner... and I greatly enjoy that honesty. Never stop writing! It is the single most liberating thing in the world.


  6. Wow.. That's a brilliant piece. Shows your talent and emotions at the same time. Very heartfelt :-)


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