When the trees are still and the forest is silent, the green turning to brown and the leaves curling, be more vigilant, for quiet is not always the peaceful awakening you crave. Here it is sinister and echoes the explorable torment of your hollow mind. Do not stay between these looming trunks for they are sucking your soul through their hidden roots. Run freely to the flowing river and allow the trickle of crisp crystal waters effervesce through your blood, reawakening the clarity of your heart.


  1. nice. some deep wisdom here today among the trees...smiles.

  2. This really reminds me of that scene in Fellowship of the Ring, in the books, where the trees are trying to suck the hobbits in and dull their senses. Beautifully captured.

  3. Rarely is silence the superficial quietdom that it seems. There is more turmoil in silence than in a hundred wars... because that is where our self comes in to visit... and we have no choice but to let her in.

    A realistic and yet delightful read with all of the energy that only nature can provide.


  4. Thankyou very much for your insightful and thoughful comments!


Thankyou for your comments and criticisms!