Part 3

All of a sudden, lucid and bright, burned retinas and soul engulfed by plight.
A scream she did make agonised and loud, and he had regarded but made not a sound.
It was she who had swallowed the blood-tasting pill but he did not know what it was like to kill.
She begged him to help her and curled into a ball but he had not seen the foetus and all.
“Make it stop oh won’t you please OH god no” And so it continued the cruel agony below.
In the mess and the storm, blood filled lakes flowed warm, but blood was not in her veins for reform.
The distances walked and the shoes broken in, heavy splintered womb now echoed the din.
Swollen balloon and fragile like too, language of matter precarious and blue.
The choice had been made earlier that week, and now in full swing, the process it leaked.
A calm moment approaching, both shuddered and rested; if only to ignore the constitution infested.
White hardened ball and horror existing - no longer a heartbeat of pain inflicting.
Sickeningly open and spewing and heaving, nauseating volumes of repugnant bleeding.
Worthy of noting is the sadness of exile; girl of emptiness is exacting and hostile.
How now to denounce the departed of yester, when sitting between soft is still there to fester?
In any offer the passing makes well, as they will find time does tell.
Ultimate loss but inclination conflicting, all longings left in those moments afflicting.
World still turning and breaks do not halt so in earnest they return to their life before fault.


  1. wonderful rhyme scheme in each line...vivid and intense...and leaves me a bit sad...

  2. Thanks, Brian. Yes it is sad, I would hope no one felt joy from this! ha


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