In the dark hours, when I should sleep
the light burns bright and fires are still deeply burning a flame higher and higher for you.
I will myself to break this ache
I still want to be close to you.
To just. Hold hands. Grasp at fingers. Move together.
I am moved by you. I am on my knees. On my knees so raw and calloused from dragging my heavy body through a daily routine.
But in the end, I am a woman in need. That need was not sated.
I am broken by the cause. I am destroyed by the solution.
But to just. Be with you. Take your hands. Trace your bones.
Bones. Laid bare.
Bones; grey and infected by a poison called -.
It runs deep and through fluid and solid matter
It does matter. We are still one. Or am I now half.
But to just hold you and touch you and feel you next to me. I would be happier with your flesh enveloping my flesh.
I will wait for you. Perhaps one day I will forget I was waiting. But deep inside, the poison will remain and I will be waiting like we waited.
Before we made it; we needed. And I was Naoko.
Come to my funeral. Cry. Seep out your poison.
It must end. But. To just hold you. I would cry and the poison would replenish from watering.
One Day.

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  1. I suppose its our choice to rid the poison or let it stay dormant...interesting words, well done. :)


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