Long drawn out pauses have been replaced by incessant mumblings.
I am talking to you. Honest and desperate - curls of uncertain fragments push out from my lips. Immediately they are wafted away like bothersome smoke. You tell me that it’s not dignified but you are the one breaking apart my words until they have lost all fundamental truth.
Oh. We made this together. An uncalculated expression of desire and resignation; we needn’t have bothered. It has launched us into a continuum of nothing at all. Severity not fully understood but it will not improve after the event. Words are replaced by smiles that hide real feelings. But they cannot be shared until grass has been replaced by snow.
Matter-of-fact, succinct; banality of things said by millions of others. We are nothing special but I am still hurting. The incessant mumblings will stop.

> > > >

The silence has cast a damp shadow over our frenzied eyes.
With solemn faces, I look into your pupils. They are cold and small. Once upon a time, our eyes dilated in the instant that we saw each other. Large ebony moons in the flooded oceans of blue and green. But those oceans are deserts now and our moons are but insignificant pebbles on grey streets.
Say, did you offer me an embrace? A warm hopeful embrace making me sink into the sand? Or was that a mistake on my part? Is it more a closed cocoon where you will hide me from any other watchers? I may feel safe there but today has shown the falsity of that haven. A moment in which we both come together, but the space is greater than it is when we’re apart. The eyes tell me so.
Stretching pupils, stretching womb. I stretch to touch your face. I am extending and cradling, deeply hurting and silently staring. The shadow does not yet lift.

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  1. insignificant pebbles on grey streets...your vivid imagery conveys much emotion...


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