The concept itself is referential to the inherent symbols placed upon it. I am conscious of the abstract in which any concept has been placed and seek to arrange syntax in order to explain my paradoxes, parallels and perversions. I will lead the questions to the water as they call to quench their thirst and the answers will be drawn up slowly, refreshing the mind so it can think in clarity and without constraints of discourse or society.

It is in my own discourse that I will appear as post modern in thinking, rejecting discourse as a whole yet still feeding into the troughs of prose and writing. I am not scientific nor political despite the papers to which I lay claim. However I am fervent in understanding simple lies and complex truths. With this hunger rising, I will abate it with the occidental paradigms and realign the stars in my own sky until I can satisfy perceptions of absolute reality.


  1. questions are good...so many are afraid of them...but they truly are good...stay hungry...or thirsty if its water you are looking for...for me its a cheese steak...

  2. I too am always aspiring to realign the stars in my sky, it is such a good way of living, living to your standards and instilled perceptions, making clarifications to fit your own course of thoughts. True, concepts are referential and for all of us seeking lucidity through asking our own questions we can unravel those mysteries and decode any attachments.

    You said it all and once again you did it with such a passionate, melodious Menina way ;-)

  3. remarkable reflections!
    Happy Friday!


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