I like to wear an expression of sublime splendor to show an affinity with the world. It suggests a consolidated rapprochement with the higher levels at work. This exterior is an addition to my cosmic identity which is energised in peace making with the difficulties of life. And as I stare at the nebula, my interior is strong and powerful just like the outside face I show to the embodied elements of the earth. I am alchemy, I am human, I am nothing but I am everything. I am not of this world but belong to it nonetheless. I make my presence known by functioning as an individual despite contributing to the identity of a wider group - the human race. My expression will change from time to time, but the feeling sublime splendor of being never falters.


  1. in this world but not of it...i like that...also...i am nothing but i am everything...i can agree...

  2. Beautifully put, spoken truthfully from the core. :) I enjoy reading your inner voice derived from the source.

  3. Happy Belated Father's Day to Dads in your life.

    your words are full of wisdom.


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