I will send you a horse
He will clip clop up the valley, treading on hard stones as he goes
But those stones do not matter to the sturdy horse
For he has hidden inside him something much more treacherous.
The cats on the hills spy him with a curious eye for they are suspicious of his secret;
The trojan horse I have sent for you
has almost completed his journey.
All that is left is for you to allow him in;
he will raise his hindquarters in the air and buck and jolt and shake his shining mane
And not once will the horse toss his head in shame.
He is proud and worthy of carrying the deception to you - because it is you that planted the seed.


  1. oh my...quite chilling...and masterfully written...

  2. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/06/13/thursday-poets-rally-week-22-poetry-awards-more/

    Happy Sunday!
    Some awards on lower button of the post...Take good care.


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