weighted confusion clings to my being like
your shadow
clings to your ever perfect feet
I drag along my omnipresent ghost, while
You glide in ephemeral satisfaction

I am pleased for us both. I enjoy
the conflicts
planted by my feet
into the soil that lets
you grow. They feed me as
freedom feeds mankind


  1. thank you for dropping by my site and leaving such kind praise. i hope that you will visit again and find my future works similarly pleasing.

    your own work is deeply insightful, quite eloquently expressed, and your words inspire an inward contemplation that is hard to simply shrug off.

    i hope to see you around, and i look forward to reading more ~

  2. i may need to think on this one...the conflicts you plant to make/help him grow...hmm...

  3. I second that comment, Samathayeh!

    "They feed me as freedom feeds mankind"...Your words never fail to leave me in awe :-)

    Rania Abuisnaineh

  4. Again what powerful truths, in the very existence of your core. :) We should meet, being so close to connect if you wish!


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