It dawns in the morning
It sets in the evening
And we think it's the same every time,
Our worlds will continue to turn
on the well oiled axis of familiarity and yearning.
The fire will still burn, even when waters threaten to end it.
But over and over, again and again,
perseverance and inspiration
prevail over those times before.
Some evenings -
Silly things.
We are good at what we do - we always knew
how to dispel the wind and bring the sun.
We hide our ears and sing with the birds
And realise that in the morning it all starts brand new:
Different in detail.


  1. each day a clean page...now break out the crayons and paint it vivid!

  2. sometimes familiarity becomes overwhelming, and the routine we offer ourselves blinds us from seeing the zeal in detail and the difference in a sunset or a sunrise. Familiarity is dangerous, no matter how much confidence and stability it instils, we take it for granted, the sunrise, the spinning of the earth..and sadly that's not in our advantage. Beautiful write, triggered once again many thoughts in my mind. Cheers!

  3. Like the passing of time as it hangs on the axis

    thanks for your visit to my site

    moon *smiles*

  4. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/06/05/poetry-awards-4-week-21-participants-and-fresh-poets/

    two awards on the bottom,
    many thanks!

  5. Reality written in clarity, this is exactly what it is, and happens. We share the same depth, even though our words may be different. We come from the same source. :)


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