My antiquated philosophies on love and mind,
appear to me as quite lucid.
Yet as I delve into
the writing of the greats -
Descartes, Baudrillard, Nietzsche,
I think my own work is perhaps tired, in need of review.
(but they are pure thoughts nonetheless)
So in the late hours of the night,
I change and think and read and write
And hope that in the day I will agree with my conclusions.
Yet in the meantime I can turn to the works of the masters
in Philosophy, Poetry, Science and Arts
and discover the truths they wished to impart
on the world.
For it is these subjects that influence, inspire, move and make.
So for now I'll settle for knowledge and wonder and rest till the morning sun
beams through my window
offering knowledge in the freshness of clear wake.


  1. i can truely relate to everything said here, looking to the masters for inspiration, moving thoughts and words back and forth in my mind - wanting it all to make sense and flow into what i really want to say....."yes, in the morning it will all be clearer"......bkm

  2. Very inspiring, Menina! I myself have to refresh my mind with the Islamic Philosophies of the past.

    I noticed that you publish a post EVERY day and that your writing is always near flawless. How do you manage to keep up with blogging on a daily basis?!?!

    And in your opinion, what is the best way to excel in creative writing (aside from reading MORE creative writing lol)?

    Rania Abuisnaineh

  3. everything i read continues to shape and mold the playdough of my mind..but in the new days light everything looks a lot more clear...hope you have a great day...

  4. I've enjoyed reading here. For a young writer you have a polished way of saying things. I imagine you will shape the world for future generations much the way the writers you admire did.

    Had to chuckle at your comment about twirling on my blog when I learned you were 22 - and I'm 64!

  5. Thanks for your comments as always BKM and Brian :)

    Rania, I am sure my posts will become less frequent, but for now I have a lot to say and share. I also schedule posts for each day, and make notes throughout the day so that I can work on them late at night. I write on the bus, when walking, when eating and drinking! Thankyou for your lovely words!

    Pauline, I didn't realise you were 64, but twirling at any age is a great freedom to be embraced whole-heartedly! Thankyou for your kind words, they are very much appreciated.


Thankyou for your comments and criticisms!