And you can tell me that you love me, I will believe it because the words spill easily from your mouth. I can see the strings connecting us from my heart to yours; they have droplets of perspiration from easy chores. I don’t know why the sky dropped them down to us, because this love seems to me so easy in the innocence of our young hearts, although it’s not quite as na├»ve as it should be. I wish I could know what our futures hold, because today in one moment of a daydream, I clearly saw your gently calling eyes smile at me and tell me we will be together forever. I hope this is true and I know that sometimes it’s difficult to have to feel my pain as I do, but my heart feels its blood pump strongly when you are near. When you’re right beside me I am warm and my senses smell and hear your words and being. Que me duele when you seem annoyed, I’m not put here to antagonize you; I have faith in us. There is a band of trust linked around my finger, a whole hearted chain of freedom I have in your soul.
I wish they knew.
If they could tell how much I care, I don’t think they’d continue to say those things – it hurts; it hurts when I see your pensive eyes that inside are groaning because I had on my disguise and turned you away. It was wrong not to be serious for you at that time when the lime was squeezed fresh and stung your cut. It’s now as new as the sun that arose this morning. But the moon and the sun, they are best friends like you and I. They shine for each other like we shine for ourselves in the silk of our faces. The morning was painful for us both. You do it to me sometimes, don’t you notice? Tell me if when I speak, I hiss, if I throw away the words you speak so sincerely. I didn’t want to do that today nor did I wish to start those actions yesterday. I won’t repeat it tomorrow. I’m going to realise your dreams and mine. Our love is still strong and the dent where I fit into your shoulder gets more comfortable with time.
The times I’ve spent with you left marks on my skin and I stroke the indentations to feel you. We must endure the life we carved out for ourselves in soft wood. We will create layers. There must be grief to realise the good. I feel so strongly that all I have to offer you isn’t enough. But you still love me, I know you do, even when it’s tough. And I’m sorry, truly sorry that I offended you, it’s only because I care. The sparkle of a diamond is the strand of your hair, each to me so precious just like your feelings inside. You’re the quintessence of perfection. In my eyes I see beauty in your madness and interrogation. You taught me how to do that with just a smile. You’re captivating and it serves me well that you are honest and worshiping.
I love you. With me will you hold the dreams I’m clinging to?
Oh the death of a dream that I once knew so well, the shards seem to scratch my feet when we walk. Does that happen to you? Tell me of the expectancy you held, in our romance when we knew of serendipity, when we met.
The occasion was meant to be, even if you didn’t feel it. The invasion of your voice into my ears was love and intoxication. Pour your sweet acids into me.


  1. Menina, you are such a talented writer. Truly, you are a writer of the heart. I've just finished reading your post, and I feel like I have been transported into the head of the narrator. Is it you? Is it someone else? This voice that speaks? I dare not really ask, or expect a response to these most private questions... But you touch with your words. Proud to be your new follower, Menina!


  2. Menina, I'm having trouble with my profile, for some reason. Trying to figure it out. I will follow as soon as I figure it out... Sorry!

  3. yeah, i had the same problem following yesterday...

    your words are so drenched in heart...amazing...i was right there in them...very nice.

  4. Thankyou Brian and Nevine!

    (I'm following both of you without any problems)

  5. you are amazing writer,
    I feel your emotions and hope that you see the light, be happy!

  6. Wow!! I've never read something like this before! It's extremely moving, I could relate so much,I lived every single word, your writing gives every word a chance to manifestation, it is truly captivating. Sometimes life's too hectic and offers you a full platter, it becomes intolerable with time and you lose that sense to feel, you become overwhelmed with apathy, it happens with me a lot but reading your passionate writing has saved me from my apathy by reminding me of many beautiful memories and reviving my senses again. Thank you for this!
    "There is a band of trust linked around my finger, a whole hearted chain of freedom I have in your soul." Amazing!


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