I am writing myself. The slow process offers a chance to reflect on misgivings I have created out of my own virtue. Perspective; I can sense the nests that house hornets and bees. They whirl around me and I tense up, cower, close my eyes into thinly-lined slits.

I am writing for my own recognition. The slow breath and heavy chest moving up and down calm my panic. Words are typed quickly without a second thought, and then a pause arrives. I reflect on experiences in this moment of clarity.

I am writing for myself. I am writing to develop my perceptions of the actions I have taken and the actions I wish to do. Glancing around - frightful and fretful - but still able to find consolation in my equivocal plea. I offer it to myself and I offer it to you.


  1. This is wonderful, and I especially love the part, "They whirl around me and I tense up, cower, close my eyes into thinly-lined slits." So beautifully composed!

    Reading this, you have made me fall in love with your writing style--clearly something I should envy :-) And you're definitely right, the rigid structure of academics is sometimes unwelcoming to creative minds. Great job, and I'm looking forward to reading more of your work in the near future.

    Rania Abuisnaineh

  2. Beautiful and so true. I do the same in an attempt to ease accepting what life has to offer me, good or bad for in every step we take, deep thought must be our companion. Writing helps so much, writing for your self and in doing so, spreading enlightenment to others like you are doing.


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