What is the size of your thought for me? When you look into the future, do we caress the leaves on trees as we walk along a winding path, hand in hand?
Do I factor significantly in your mind's eye? When time has flown by, do we submit ourselves to the ocean's embrace?
What would you wish for if you had your way? A youthful mischief borne from the brightest of days and the coldest of snows?
If I am a weighted thought in your life, can we ascend the mountains together with ease? Laughing together when hurt by jagged rocks?

Tell me your thoughts, I will not control them. But let me in and give me your word. I allow my thoughts of you to swim freely in the river of my being. Can you open the dam, which has stopped your understanding enter your stream? I can be your future if you grow those thoughts of me.


  1. size of my thoughts,,
    very cute words.
    lovely post!

  2. Lovely writing!! I love reading your posts! xoxoxoxo

  3. Amazing depth of words, and I can relate to them well.
    Thank you so much for dropping by my site.
    I shall look forward in reading your entries. :)


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