Take five long pieces of string. Find tiles with letters or create your own alphabet on single squares of whichever material you enjoy the texture of the most. With these tiles, you will pierce them with a hole big enough to allow the string to pass through easily through the middle.
Start creating sentences with your letters. Slide on the words and arrange and de-clutter the thoughts. Allow the process to become part of your fingers and brain and permeable knowledge. Seeping into words that are seen each day by millions, allow your emotions to move them around so that they flow with ease and tranquility.
Do this with each string. Interchange your emotion for rage, despair, longing, nostalgia, melancholy or apathy. Run your hands over the strings. You will have a paragraph. You have written it and you will appreciate it. You offer it to others and send out your message. It might be understood. It may well be seen as not quite as grand as you initially intended. But these are our words; they are our windows to our souls. We have created and we have thought.

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