Encapsulated in the weary breath are secret whispers telling you 'it's going to be ok.'


  1. love this!
    love love love it!
    thank you for finding me/my blog.
    i'm so glad you're taking your own approach to writing after years in academia.
    don't stop!

  2. Do these 'secret whispers' speak straight to your heart, or to something else? And do they win everytime?

  3. For me these secret whispers are ultimately a sign of trying to reassure, but weary and tired from doing so for so long. Often they don't win. It is the condition of the human heart!

  4. Dear Menina,
    Thanks for the reply. :)
    Do you find the whispering happening everytime? Or do you have moments of silence as well?
    For me, there is never words, only acceptance of that experience in time.

  5. I often have silence, hence the web address for this blog! But it's nice when the whispers speak and things don't seem so futile. I value my silences too though, and I relish in solitude. Perhaps too often.

    I'm very glad to share ideas with you, Ana!


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