I have a terrible habit of talking when you need silence, and offering cold nothings when you need to talk. Standing opposite me, your reflection will be mirrored in my glassy eyes. My pupils will be dilated, but yours will tell a different story. They seem like the desert, in need of salt rivers. But don't worry, my waters are sufficient for us both to float, swim and drown together.


  1. Would you say that this is a consistent partnership?

  2. As in choice of words in this writing or in respect to the two people being spoke about?
    If the latter, then no, it is certainly not a consistent, or healthy partnership. This could be taken in two way, who is writing it? What would the other person say?

    Also, has this partnership since ended as a result of the inconsistencies?

    Thanks for your comments, Ana!

  3. Beautiful, and very thought-provoking...I feel like I can just sit and analyze this piece for an hour or so...So simple, yet layered with sentimental emotion.

    I feel that--despite the distance between the two partners--that there is a sort of mutual attachment toward one another. Hmmm...(?)

    Still a beautiful piece. Thanks for sharing!

    Rania Abuisnaineh


Thankyou for your comments and criticisms!