It was me that took your sun, the liquid gold by which you live. There are no more questions to be asked. I must confess, I liked doing it but it didn't hurt so much because you didn't kill me. I'm still here. You're not too far from confessing your own truth, are you? That your passion flowing in you is because of the freedom I gave you. The transition you made was exciting wasn't it, little one?
Oh look who feels it. I am sorry, but I'm still not dead. You; they; no one has quite penetrated that deep yet. I'm nearer to those gases yes it's true. But I have the shiny gold in my pocket. It's safe with me. I promise. You're glad really, don't tell me those words! Oh no those harsh lies you speak. The truth and I are quite happy without them. I can't be how you would like, I know you want me to touch your heart but that's not what I can do. OH the WATERFALL!
It's so salty. I've tasted your salt once before, on my fingers. That time when it wasn't honesty that provoked but when my arms were your blanket to keep you warm and dry. But then you saw my hands were dirty and you wanted to be wet again. Lo siento, yes I feel it. I am sorry.
All those looks I see in the faces in the streets can't all be because of me - I take the sun wherever I go. Our sun. It's the thing you need most to encounter. I've found out how to show you too and it can be perfect. Myself and the shiny gold are happy. You are too, I know. I'm watching you from the place of truth.


  1. you took the sun and they found their passion...perhaps what they were revolving around before was not what was intended and now they float free of it gravity...i'll confess i am grasping at straws it seems with this one...some startling imagery

  2. love your posts!

  3. some powerful images here - any one of whcih would make a work of its own.

    thanks for dropping in on my place. Namaste'

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  5. awesome reflections!
    lovely post!

  6. In this piece I feel that you've given the sun a voice, a confident, mortal voice no one has ever heard. Then I see an image of a soul.. the transitions between the lines are amazing, I feel that the soul is giving the sun life..a body, a form which gets me thinking, isn't it the opposite way round? Doesn't the sun give every soul part of its life? perhaps it is a symbiotic relationship, the sun gives truth, courage and strength that any soul tainted by the obstacles in life needs. Then as i read I see them both walking together, a soulful sun. This piece depicts so much strength, "You; they; no one has quite penetrated that deep yet" I absolutely loved and enjoyed it! The transitions, your writing triggers so many thoughts in me, thank you for this!


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